The 1990s was one of the best periods for action movies, but some have been remembered for longer than others. At the time of its release, Broken Arrow was a box office hit. However, it’s rarely talked about these days, with John Travolta and Christian Slater having lost their status in the A-list category in Hollywood.

For anyone in search of a 1990s action epic that has it all, Broken Arrow is a great option to watch again. It has all the components that you need in a thrilling movie, including an exceptional cast and setting.

Broken Arrow One of John Woo’s Best

John Woo is one of the greatest action directors of all time, and it’s often hard to pinpoint what his best work is. Broken Arrow is somewhat of a forgotten gem, but many action fans who revisit it would put it down as one of his best.

Woo used two of the hottest 1990s action stars in the picture: Travolta as Major Vic “Deak” Deakins and Slater as Captain Riley Hale. The two start off as buddies in the United States Air Force but are then forced to face off against each other when Deakins tries to steal two nuclear bombs.

Along with the excellent chemistry between Travolta and Slater, Samantha Mathis was also lauded for her turn as Park Ranger Terry Carmichael. Hale and Terry form an unlikely alliance against Deakins and his formidable crew of criminals. It’s the classic underdog story, with the two joining forces to take down a highly organized band of terrorists. It’s a good against evil offering with a highly satisfying ending and a memorable showdown between Slater and Travolta.

Deep Mines Make Excellent Setting for Action Offerings

There’s no doubt that the setting of Broken Arrow added a lot to the film’s thrills. One of the best action sequences in the movie was when Hale and Terry took the warheads to an abandoned copper mine. The theory is that the mine is so deep that it could contain a nuclear blast. This scene leads to an amazing shootout and a getaway along an underground river.

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Broken Arrow had various other great scenes aside from the mine shootout, and the scenery in the picture is stunning. It was all filmed at the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Kane County, Utah, which is renowned for its stunning landscape.

If you’re looking for a great action pic from the 1990s with two of its hottest stars at their peak, Broken Arrow is one of the best titles. This forgotten gem needs to be brought back and dusted off, as it is an absolute classic.