Co-written, directed, and edited by Joe Swanberg, Win It All is a 2017 American comedy film. Co-writer Jake Johnson stars alongside Aislinn Derbez, Joe Lo Truglio, and Keegan Michael Key in this film. 

The Plot

Parking attendant Eddie Garrett is an alcoholic addicted to gambling. Eddie finds Michael, a thug from the community, sitting in his kitchen one morning. While Michael is in jail for six months, Eddie is asked to store a mysterious duffel bag for him, and Michael promises to pay him $10,000 if Eddie doesn’t open it. Eddie eventually takes $500 from the bag and gambles away the money, despite being instructed not to by his addiction recovery sponsor, Gene. With $500 in his bag, he returns the $500 to the bag and invites his friends to celebrate at the local bar, and Eddie meets a nurse named Eva. 

After a winning streak, Eddie gambles again and loses all his profits. Eventually, he owes over twenty-one thousand dollars to the bag due to a downward spiral of gambling. His brother Ron approaches Eddie with an offer of employment and Eddie begins attending addiction counselling regularly. He arrives at work on time the following morning and begins to organize his life. Michael, the man Eddie has been trying to contact all week, calls him unexpectedly to prison after six weeks of hard work. Apparently, he was released early, and he will be over in a week to retrieve his bag. Ron refuses Eddie’s request for the loan repayment because he believes that Eddie wants to gamble with the money. Eddie panics and runs to Ron to ask for money to repay the bag. 

Despite being drunk, Eddie loses even more money from the bag before getting banned from the casino. When he comes to his senses, he heads over to Gene’s in the middle of the night. Eddie decides to go to the meeting the next day after he gets in touch with him. In the aftermath of the meeting, Gene and Eddie eat at a diner. Eddie eventually convinces him to comply and he agrees to help. In his desperate attempt to get Eddie out, Gene agrees to get him into a high-stakes poker game, the condition being that if Eddie fails, he must leave town. Taking the bag along, Eddie buys in for $15,000. One of his friends rides along with Eddie. 

Eddie panics when he loses twice that amount and decides that he must run. His mood improves, so he decides to invest the rest of his money immediately. A big pot is won after he has been playing for a while and he is back to profiting. His friend insists on cashing out, despite his desire to continue playing. Initially arguing, he then collapsed and clutched his chest. Cashing out, he is driven to the hospital the next morning, late for dinner with Eva’s family, where he wakes up a few hours later. Eventually, he talks Ron into taking him to Eva’s house, and the film ends with Eddie eating dinner with Eva and her family. As a result, Michael is confused as to why he has $400 more than he began with.

How Not to Ruin Your Life?

Movies are cool, but if you are serious about life, you must not let the imaginative script of a movie coming your way. It is ultimately your responsibility to realize what is best for you and your family. 

Self-Exclusion Services

There are government-run programs that seek to help people overcome addictive gambling. Many such programs are run by charities and offer services free of cost. These are known as self-exclusion programs. Once you sign up for a self-exclusion program, it will be looked into that you are restrained from indulging in any sort of gambling activities possible. 

Self-exclusion varies due to differences in geography and judiciary. If you happen to reside in the United Kingdom, you are advised to use the service of GamStop. GamStop is a self-exclusion scheme that offers its customers free service by helping them overcome addictive gambling in the U.K. GamStop works for any gambling company that has their license in the United Kingdom and most graciously comes under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. You may still access Pyramid Spins Casino or any other casino sites licensed by Curacao eGaming and accepting British customers.


Excessive gambling frequently leads to depression and anxiety. It is advised that one consult the help of a professional therapist when needed. Gamblers Anonymous (Year: 1957) and Gordon Moody Association (Year: 1971) are some of the programs that were devised to help problem gamblers with therapies and counselling sessions.


Well, that’s pretty much it. Although it reflects aspects of life, a scripted movie differs from life in various ways. It is our own duty to decide what approach is to be taken. Since every approach has its respective consequences, it is better than an approach that is made rationally.