Action movie lovers are the perfect type of people to be around. They are not afraid to suspend their disbelief in favor of a good time. With 2022 on the horizon, a whole series of new movies are poised to come out, many of them having been delayed for a year or more. Take a look at the movies that you and a romantic partner should be most excited about in the coming year.

Action movies like a popular topic that connect people

Before we look at the coming films, we have to ask why people love action movies so much. The answer is quite simple: they’re fun movies that don’t require too much thought to enjoy. Nowadays, action movies are getting bigger budgets, better stunts, and more artistic direction than ever before. People love to comment on these films, witnessing their growth and new directions.

Find your action movie lover on a dating site

If you want to take someone to the movies in 2022, then you need to get a date starting now. Your best bet is to head to the top naughty chat rooms and find people that want to talk about hot topics, from what movies you like to more intimate details of your life. Dating chat rooms are perfect for this outcome because of the freeform interactions and the popularity of the action movie genre. After you have become closer by using the site to host dates, you can meet up at the movies for a more personal date. Likewise, you can set up a movie-watching party at your house to have a more fulfilling date experience and follow up on your promises made on the chat site.

Top 5 action movies of 2022 that should be on your dating movies list

When the time comes to go on a date in 2022, you will have a lot of movies from which to choose in the action genre. We have come up with five of the most anticipated films for you to watch, and we’re going to show you why they’re perfect for a first date.

John Wick 4

The John Wick franchise is probably the best modern action film series outside of the MCU. The story of these films started with a dying wife’s gift to her husband and ended with an incredibly talented assassin wreaking havoc around the world. John Wick 4 is poised to continue the series as a major war is set to start.

Top Gun 2

The original Top Gun was one of the best action movies of the 1980s, and this long-awaited sequel will try to pick up on the story almost four decades later, allowing action fans to bask in what could be a great film.

Expendables 4

Jackie Chan joins the crew to take on another crazy mission. Details are scant, but this popcorn flick is bound to be perfect for talking over and about.

Mission: Impossible 7

If you like death-defying stunts, then M:I7 could be the movie for you and your partner. Tom Cruise has once again proved he has little regard for his well-being; make it worth his while!


Video game fans of the Uncharted series can see Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg travel the world together and hunt treasure. This movie has a lot of potential to be great!

Finding the right partner to watch action films with is easy—just use a dating service. Finding the right film is a little more difficult because so many of them haven’t been up to snuff lately. The films we’ve suggested for your first date night are nearly sure things, so keep an eye out for their official release dates, and you’ll have a fantastic time watching them and being with your special guy or gal.