Date nights are supposed to be fun, so why torture yourself with some deep, philosophical movie when you can watch something interesting yet explosive? Anyone that knows movies understands that the 1980s and 1990s were a special time when guys with ugly mugs were tearing up the silver screen, and we’re going to appreciate the role these films can play in a modern date night. Be yourself in any situation and use tenderfling to win the heart of action movie lovers. For this, experts offer a list of the best action movies.

Top-5 action movies from 80-90s

  • Bloodsport
  • First Blood
  • Under Siege
  • Judge Dredd
  • The Terminator

The action movies that we’ve listed here are just a sample of some of the best that this era had to offer. While it might not be fair to list two movies with Sly Stallone in them, they’re both fantastic entries. These movies aren’t just mindless fun, though. These helped launch major careers and changed the way that people view action films. Specifically, First Blood was a social commentary that showed people can be broken through abuse and that they will retaliate when people attack them. The Terminator and Judge Dredd show a future that is horrifying and preventable. You can watch all of these as a popcorn flick, or you can look for the deeper message. The former is probably the way to go when you have a date with you. 

Common lessons for life

Another great thing about these movies is that they offer some very surprising lessons for life. Here is what you should glean from each film:

  • Bloodsport: It’s better to have a strong will than to cheat. 
  • First Blood: Soldiers need more support from their government and community. Violence begets violence. 
  • Under Siege: Never look down on the guys with mediocre jobs. You might regret it.
  • Judge Dredd: The law can be a tool, or it can act as shackles. 
  • The Terminator: Humans are their own worst enemy.

The lessons that movies teach you are largely up to your interpretation. However, many of the action movies in the 80s and 90s were black and white on their concepts of good and evil instead of trying to straddle the gray line and explain why someone was bad. Best of all, these movies don’t shove the message down your throat the entire time. It’s all the fun you need with none of the nonsense. 

Watch action movies with someone special

Watching an action movie is a great pass-time for film lovers. However, a movie night is also perfect for when you have a date to enjoy it with you. You can always try meeting people at the movies, but if you’re looking to settle in for a night of retro action, it’s always good to use a dating site. Using a professional dating service, you can easily sift through the members’ profiles to find people that enjoy these films as much as you. The biggest difficulty of this sort of dating outcome is choosing the first movie that you would like to watch! Action movies are great, but they’re definitely better with someone sitting next to you. 

Action films have changed drastically in recent years. Now, there is a lot more focus on style than substance and CGI rather than practical effects. There’s no better genre than the 80s and 90s action films to watch when you’re trying to zone out and relax. While there are many great films from this era, we’ve provided some of the best ones to consider while so you can narrow down the selection. Enjoy the show!