RIP to a legend 🙏 (1965-2021)

TKO Productions lost a huge part of its team in late November. 6th degree Black Belt Taekwondo Master Louie “Dragonfly” Cruz lost his nearly month-long battle with COVID-19 on November 21st, leaving a gap in the hearts of scores of people.

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Louie “Dragonfly” Cruz’s Legacy

Born on March 30, 1965 in Hempstead, New York, He and his family relocated to Hollywood, Florida at the age of 7. It was here where his love for martial arts began. After many years of training, he opened his own martial arts school called “Dragonfly Dojo” in 1994 where he trained many students, all of whom he loved dearly.

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TKO Productions’ Double Cross

As of recently, he had begun to make a name for himself as and actor and stunt/fight coordinator in local indie film projects. He was also slated to portray the lead villain of “Rodriguez” in TKO Productions’ own Double Cross as well as serve as the main fight choreographer. We still plan on making the film and we will also be dedicating it in his memory.

Rest in Paradise, Big Brother.

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Article by: Braden D. White — a 2nd degree black belt martial artist and filmmaker. A self proclaimed action movie expert, Braden loves all things action and martial arts film related. You can follow Braden on Twitter here.

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