How does Kindergarten Cop hold up today?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most recognizable names in action films. From The Terminator to The Expendables, he has been a major part of several action franchises in the last 3 decades. However, there is one film that is a bit unusual as he portrays a different kind of character: Kindergarten Cop.

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UAMC Reviews Kindergarten Cop

In Kindergarten Cop, Arnold plays Detective John Kimble who is working undercover as a kindergarten teacher to apprehend a notorious drug kingpin before he can reach his former wife and son, all while discovering a passion for teaching that he never knew he had.

The film shows a lot of heart and actually gives some depth to Arnold’s character, actually giving him a chance to show off his acting chops a bit. He is believable in the role, and you can genuinely see the care he has for the children in the movie.

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Arnold as Detective Kimble

A highlight in the film shows Arnold taking on an abusive parent after one of the kids is dropped off with bruises on hid back. Showing no mercy, Arnold’s Detective Kimble punch the kid’s father with the brilliant line of, “you hit the kid, I hit you”

The fighting in this film matches that of which we expect from Arnold, as he is not a martial artist but a body builder by trade. He throws wild John Wayne-esque punches and never throws any kicks, but he truly delivers some hard-hitting blows.

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But How Ultimate is it?

Overall, Kindergarten Cop is a film that the whole family can enjoy. It has the action, family, humor, and heart. It is available to watch on various different streaming platforms.

Article by: Braden D. White — a 2nd degree black belt martial artist and filmmaker. A self proclaimed action movie expert, Braden loves all things action and martial arts film related. You can follow Braden on Twitter here.