Since early 2020, we have been living in uncertain times due to the ongoing pandemic and the global infection rates soaring with each passing day. With the first quarter of 2021 being passed, we are still not settling down as nothing is returning to normal.

In that context, with remote working and an online education system, we have nothing much to do inside our homes. Boredom gives space to anxiety, stress, and boredom, also known as the pandemic blues. It gets worse when you get infected with the virus and find yourself stranded all alone inside your room and quarantining yourself back to health.

What are you all doing to pass these scary times? I would be surprised if no one mentioned movies and seasons. What else can be more entertaining to curb the pandemic blues than indulging in movies which can provide temporary relief? Speaking of movies, let us agree that we select the movie genre based on our moods. The below-given list contains top movies that are a must-watch if you are being struck with the pandemic blues’ global phenomenon.

Watching awesome movies like these will certainly instigate you to produce your own pandemic movie with film studio Miami, for instance. Nonetheless, without further ado, let us jump straight into the list of the best movies to watch during the pandemic.

Deadly Illusions

If you are in for a psycho-thriller, then this is the best movie to watch. Also, if you are looking for familiar faces in the movie with a thriller story, Deadly Illusions will keep you on the edge while you will eagerly go through the exciting movie plot.

Deadly Illusions revolves around a novelist who hires a nanny to focus on her last book in the meantime. As you might have guessed by the movie title, the novelist’s world blurs and turns into a blend of reality and illusions, which, in the end, might end up horrible and deadly for her.

If you are thinking who the hot guy in the movie is, playing his role of Kristin Davis’s husband, say less: it is Dermot Mulroney!

The Disaster Artist

If you are looking for some inspiration, we have the best movie queued in the line: the Disaster Artist, which revolves around a Hollywood outsider but an aspiring filmmaker and his best friend. Together, the two best friends work on the long-time dream to make the classic (worst movie) “The Room.”

You can expect many famous faces to pop up in this movie, including Zac Efron and Dave Franco. This film truly captures all aspiring filmmakers’ dreams and takes the audience back to those days when dreams were definitely bigger than reality.

Diana: In Her Own Words

With Oprah and the Royals’ latest interview, we believe that this is the perfect time to dig into more Royal drama. Besides, this movie is for everyone who is a die-hard fan of “The Crown” and wants to know a different perspective on Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s fraught relationship. This movie falls into the documentary genre and is narrated by Princess Diana herself during her different interviews that she gave in the year 1991. Her interviews display her life and legacy, which have been beautifully presented in “Diana: In Her Own Words.”

Attack on Titan

We know that this falls into the anime genre and is a season instead of a movie. However, we believe that this pandemic is all about leaving one’s comfort zones and exploring new horizons from the safety and comforts of your homes. This is where Attack on Titan comes in.