Some people want to ‘Netflix and Chill,’ but other people on a date want to watch something so thrilling they will be grabbing the edge of their seat. That’s why we have come up with a list of the best action movies for a date night. You’ll find all these films on the streaming service, so you can easily watch them when you spend the night with your date. 

Action movies like a popular topic on dating sites that brings people closer

Examining dating sites and seeing what kind of movies people mention the most in their profiles reveals that single people love watching action films on a date. As we can see from the review of face flow, one of the advantages of the site is that by filling out a profile, you simplify the work search engine and site algorithms. With their help, the site will find someone who suits your specific needs, so if you love action movies, this is what you need to meet a person that shares your interests. Finding a person that loves action movies as much as you is as simple as hitting a few keys on the right service. 

Find your action lover in the time of pandemic online

The biggest problem that is facing people right now is that it is hard to find a romantic partner since we are still in the midst of a pandemic. So, how are you supposed to find an action lover like yourself? As we have already stated, dating sites are a very good way to meet people looking for love and individuals who love action films as they do. Not only do you get to avoid the crowds and difficulty, but the screen-sharing elements of dating sites and streaming services lets you feel like you are both in the same room. In short, a dating site is the best way to go for finding an action-lover like yourself. 

Top 5 Netflix action movies for the first date

What movies should you consider watching on Netflix after you pick up a date? We’ve come up with a couple of good ideas that you should check out. Some are new, and some are classics.

5) Army of the Dead

This new film is taking the world by storm. It’s a zombie-horror-action film that works hard to make the genre fun again. Dave Bautista has a surprisingly strong performance. Anyone that loves zombie movies will love this, and what can be better than watching a scary movie while cuddling with someone you like? Such a date is a classic!

4) Bright

Will Smith leads in this modern take on magical worlds featuring policemen that try to deal with racial issues between humans, orcs, and elves. If you like fantasy, this is a good film for you to check out. Bring sweet snacks your date likes, make some herbal tea, and watch a fantasy movie together. Super-cozy!

3) Under Siege

Perhaps Steven Segal’s finest work, Under Siege tells the story of a special ops soldier-turned-cook that has to help when his Navy vessel is captured by the enemy. Watch out for the cook! Such a movie is good to watch on a date because of its complex and gripping plot. You two will have a lot to talk about when the movie’s over.

2) Angel Has Fallen

The man who has saved the president on many former occasions, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), is charged with an attempt on the president’s life in this high-stakes sequel. The movie is also tense and exciting to want on a date.

1) Peppermint

Riley North’s husband and daughter are killed in a reversal of the standard action trope. Riley (Jennifer Garner) takes bloody revenge upon those responsible. It’s standard fare, but the classic feel will give both of you something to talk about. 

These five movies are perfect for a romantic evening for action-lovers!

Finding a partner for an action-packed movie night is not as hard as you might imagine. Better still, you have plenty of great movies to watch when you do meet someone. The next time you fire up Netflix, you’ll be prepared to show your romantic interest all sorts of great films!