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Here at the Ultimate Action Movie Club, we love us some Chuck Norris. We love Chuck Norris Jokes. We love Chuck Norris Facts. We just love Chuck Norris movies. From Lone Wolf McQuade to Invasion USA. From franchises like Missing in Action to the Delta Force. From his earliest days fighting Bruce Lee to his days as Walker, Texas Ranger.

One of the best ways to honor the legend is to rock one of our UAMC approved t-shirts featuring the Chuck-ster. Pulling from popular designs with our partners at TeePublic, we have some of the best top Chuck Norris t-shirt to showcase. Check them below!

The Top 10 Chuck Norris Movies of All Time

The Hero and the Terror VHS T-Shirt

If you’ve seen Chuck Norris in The Hero and The Terror, then you know. If you haven’t, you just don’t know yet. This Cannon Films classic absolutely slaps with pure Chuck awesomeness. Rep the vintage VHS with this badass ’80s inspired tee!

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Go Chuck Yourself T-Shirt

Not a day goes by that any man, woman or child doesn’t want to let the world know about the ultimate greatness of Chuck Norris. And no better way to do it than by repping this classic “Go Chuck Yourself” shirt!

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Cars Look Both Ways Before Chuck Norris Crosses T-Shirt

Cars Look Both Ways Before Chuck Norris Crosses Chuck Norris Shirt

Think you’re the king of the Chuck Norris Facts? Well this is one one-liner which you didn’t see coming. Also, did you know that the Chuck Norris Jokes came indirectly from the Walker, Texas Ranger lever from Conan O’Brien? Read up while you’re at it!

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Chuck Norris Threw A Grenade Then It Exploded T-Shirt

Chuck Norris Threw a Grenade Chuck Norris T-Shirt

True story, the Chuck Norris Fact on this T-shirt actually happened! Chuck Norris threw a grenade so hard and so fast that it wiped out a whole battalion of alien space marines. That’s right. It happened in space! Be sure to get a shirt to let your friends know that Chuck was there!

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Chuck Retro Art T-Shirt

Chuck Norris Retro Art T-Shirt

We all know that Chuck Norris doesn’t age. Seriously, he’s still 36 years old and ripped like a horse. But that doesn’t mean his MOVIES don’t age. They do, and Chuck’s famous Invasion USA has aged better than the finest of wines. So put on your Canadian tuxedo and dual-wield your uzis while rockin’ this classic Chuck shirt!

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Chuck Norris Holds Air Hostage T-Shirt

It’s true ya know! You can and should thank Chuck Norris for every breath you breathe. Every single one! Not just because Chuck could take those away from you in the flutter of an eyelash. But because Chuck doesn’t let the air push him around. Get yours today!

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Chuck Norris Kills Two Stones With One Bird T-Shirt

Chuck Norris Kills Two Birds with One Stone Chuck Norris Shirt

More Chuck Norris Facts for ya! And again, these aren’t Chuck Norris Jokes or Chuck Norris empty threats. These are bona-fide facts! Don’t believe us? Try asking Chuck Norris. See if he’d show you how to kill two stones with one bird! Get yours today!

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