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All of the Robocop Movies Ranked From Best to Worst

An ultimate ranking list of the best of the sci-fi action Robocop movies! This ultimate ranking of the Robocop movies will be an odd ranking list, I’ll admit: I’m going from best to worst. Why?...


Robocop (2014): The PG-13 Robocop Remake No One Wanted

An ultimately harmless and forgettable remake to the great Robocop original. Ultimate action movie enthusiasts around the world likely let out a collective groan when announcements of a Robocop remake sprung up all over...


Exploring the Complicated Legacy of Robocop 2 (1990)

Robocop 2’s legacy lives on, but how do we reconcile with this ultimate sequel? While the original Robocop remains a beloved classic, Robocop 2 has a more complicated legacy. Is it an underrated gem...