Action movies are great, aren’t they? Despite being exposed to some truly horrific productions over the years, there are certainly more masterpieces to mention than creations that have failed to win over any admirers whatsoever. The same applies to action games too, with many stellar movies helping to create some truly memorable gaming titles for gaming audiences. 

In 2023, these types of games are still going strong, with gamers able to supplement their action movie marathons with an action gaming session. It’s a genre of gaming that has certainly led to a number of cash grabs, though, with many blockbuster movies aiming to add another layer of income through a lazy gaming release. Thankfully, for fans of the genre, not every single game from this popular category has been forgettable. In fact, we have been treated to some truly spectacular action titles over the years, with many still being accessible today in the modern world. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the very best games for action movie lovers. 

Mad Max is packed full of chaos and mayhem 

A classic example of a game that succeeded in mirroring its movie is Mad Max, a title that managed to showcase the iconic franchise to gaming audiences. Playing as Max, players have to get their V8 Interceptor back from Scabrous Scrotus. With a large environment to explore in the Australian outback, players certainly aren’t short on things to do in this one, although the main aim of the game is to hunt down Scrotus and take back what’s yours. 

Star Wars: TIE Fighter is a much-loved classic 

If you can manage to get your hands on a copy of Star Wars: TIE Fighter or somehow find a download of it somewhere, then you’ll be in for a treat. A 1994 release that is based on the iconic Star Wars franchise, this flight simulator and first-person shooter resulted in one of the best games this genre has ever seen. Although it might not stand up against some of today’s more detailed releases, as far as simple games go, it’s one of the best ever. Additionally, considering the Star Wars franchise has been filled with a number of lazy gaming releases, it’s refreshing to see a product that was clearly geared towards avid gamers. 

Robocop is one of many movie-themed slots

These days, browser games are having a resurgence, with the rise in mobile gaming helping online casino products to thrive in particular. For fans of action movies, many online casino sites offer movie-themed slots, with the science fiction action masterpiece, Robocop, being a particularly enticing product thanks to its eight bonus features, multipliers and free spins, as well as numerous references to the movie throughout a typical gaming session. Although it isn’t an action movie, Jumanji is a great themed slot release also.  

GoldenEye 007 is hard to beat 

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While the basic graphics will probably put modern-day gamers off, there are millions of older gamers who will have fond memories of GoldenEye 007. Widely regarded as being one of the first successful adaptations of a video game from a movie, this Bond-themed masterpiece was a joy to play, with people embarking on single player modes and also taking down their loved ones through the game’s truly brilliant multiplayer offering. The game managed to capture the essence of the movie perfectly, though, with it managing to recreate the plot of the movie for gaming audiences. 

Other games for action movie lovers include Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Blade 2, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and Tron 2.0.