Can you watch movies on Youtube? You betcha can! Youtube actually has plenty of ultimate action movies to choose from – and some are even free!

When one ponders on when and where to watch an Ultimate Action Movie, the first inclination should always be towards rummaging through your VHS collection to pick the most enticing to cram into your VCR. Bonus points if your VCR is built into your TV! But for many of us, there are times where we are stranded VHS-less.

When we find ourselves wanting an ultimate action movie fix, we turn to many places. Most of them involve modern streaming channels like Netflix or Amazon Prime. However, while there are other lesser known options like Tubi and Vudu, there’s actually one HUGE option that you might not often consider. And that is Youtube.

Not only does Youtube have tons of great action movie clips and breakdowns (many can be found on our UAMC channel), but Youtube also has tons and tons of ultimate action movies. Some of which are available to rent or buy, but many are available to stream (legally!) for free!

Looking for more Ultimate Action Movie Streaming Options, check out some our full list below:

And while you watch Youtube on your laptop and on your phone, you can also pull it up on any streaming device from your Roku to your Xbox. The Youtube app can also be found on your smart TV, Amazon Fire stick, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, TiVO or anything else.

So, let’s take a look at the most ultimate action movies currently streaming on Youtube!

Over the Top (1987) ft. Sylvester Stallone

Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus eat your hearts out! Cannon Films couldn’t have produced a more ultimate classic than Over the Top (although they most certainly did with the hundreds of other ridiculous actioners that they pumped out in the 80s and 90s). But Sylvester Stallone in Over the Top remains unbeatable. From the backwards hat turn, to the David Bowie-looking wife, to the late-introduction of a Bloodsport-style arm wrestling tournament, there’s no excuse to not watch Over the Top 10 times a day. Every day!

Over the Top: An Ultimate Mess That Became a Masterpiece

Heat (1995) ft. Robert DeNiro & Al Pacino

In the world of Ultimate Action, there is no one more deadly serious than the legendary Michael Mann. Throw in Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro together in one of the most ultimate showdowns of all time, times it by Val Kilmer and exponentially multiple some of the most well-down action set pieces of all time and you get one helluva watch.

Mano a Mann-o: Why ‘Heat’ Remains Essential Action in Modern Cinema

Lone Wolf McQuade (1983) ft. Chuck Norris

There’s only so many times that we here at the UAMC can recommend watching Lone Wolf McQuade before every single person on this planet can appreciate its ultimate greatness. And what a treat, it’s streaming for FREE on multiple apps right now. It’s Chuck Norris at his absolute best. He’s the karate kicking Clint Eastwood as the Texas Ranger that the world deserves. Watch it now!

The 11 Greatest Chuck Norris Ultimate Action Movies

Die Hard 2 (1990) ft. Bruce Willis

Sure, Die Hard is better. We’re not going to argue that. But is Die Hard 2: Die Harder more ultimate? Now that’s an argument we’ll entertain! Regardless of how you feel, you have to agree that Die Hard 2 kicks butt. It’s a great follow up to the original and brings back so many of the elements the first one is so much fun. A great one-two pairing or just watching it for appreciation of its glory in of itself too!

An Ultimate Treatise on ‘Die Hard 2: Die Harder’ (1990)

Ronin (1998) ft. Robert DeNiro

Who knew Robert DeNiro could be such an action hero? Like not just a tough guy that you don’t want to mess with, but someone who can be the centerpiece of some serious action sets and great action film storytelling. Ronin, similar to Heat, is just great, gritty style that films to this day try to emulate. Don’t watch the new crap, watch the masterpieces like Ronin!

Demolition Man (1993) ft. Sylvester Stallone

There is no question more pressing in the world right now than “how do the three seashells work?” And second to that in Demolition Man might be “is Sandra Bullock Stallone’s daughter?” (Or even, “is there going to be a Demolition Man 2?“And while we may not ever know the answers to both those questions, we do know that Demolition Man is about as kickass as they come. Let Sly and Wesley Snipes bring such a great and ridiculous sci-fi to life.

10 Things You Never Knew About Sylvester Stallone’s Demolition Man (1993)

Contract Killer (1998) ft. Jet Li

Contract Killer aka Hitman is a great introduction to some ultimate Hong Kong Action and the very impressive stylings of Mr. Jet Li. Contract Killer is great fun as it mixes in solid humor with just outstanding action. Highly recommend this flick while it’s up for free on Youtube if you love martial arts action!

Predator (1987) ft. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Synopsis: Arnold Schwarzenegger fights the nastiest of unknown other-wordly big game hunters with invisibility and futuristic gadgets and wins by covering himself in mud. He also yells like a badass. And he shakes Carl Weathers’ hand in such a legendary fashion that UAMC has officially adopted it as our official handshake. Seriously though, watch it for the all-star ensemble cast and peak Arnie.

UAMC Investigates: The Story of Jean-Claude Van Damme as the Original Predator

Navy Seals (1990) ft. Charlie Sheen & Michael Biehn

Believe it or not, there was a time when Charlie Sheen was more than a walking meme, or even a lampoon-ish comedy star. Instead, he was actually a badass bit player for some solid actioners, like Navy SEALS alongside beloved UAMC stalwarts like Michael Biehn and Bill Paxton. Sure it doesn’t make a lot of sense at times, but that’s not what ultimate action is about – it’s about the fun of watching it!

Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) ft. Sylvester Stallone

Unlike Die Hard and Die Hard 2, First Blood and First Blood Part II are vastly different movies where – we here at UAMC – strongly will argue that it’s the sequel that really deserves our attention. Rambo II is everything the original promised and then some. It doesn’t take its time or slow burn its way to a bloody climax, it hits early and often and so much harder than the rest of the series. Don’t agree? Fight us in the comments!

Rambo First Blood Part II is the Ultimate Action Movie. Period!

More Youtube Movies

And there’s more to choose from! Like, a lot more. You can search them all out on the Youtube movies page, but here are some more UAMC recommended picks: