What makes the 80s and 90s action movies so ultimate?

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  1. David Barber says:

    I think the sort of R-rated action movies we used to love will still be made but probably only available to download via Netflix or some other sites. There are also series like The Punisher starring Jon Bernthal and Daredevil (Charlie Cox) is a very gritty action show based on a Marvel character.

    But nothing will ever beat the likes of Sly, Arnie, Mel, Bruce, JCVD, etc. Special mention also should go to Nick Nolte who starred in 48 HRS, Another 48 HRS and Extreme Prejudice.

  2. Sheldon Lettich says:

    How did “Double Impact” not make the early 90’s list? “Bloodsport” got JCVD to first base, but DI totally knocked the ball out of the park, followed immediately by “Universal Soldier,” another ultimate action classic, but this time with Dolph Lundgren in addition to JCVD.

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