A first date is a chance to show your partner what kind of person you are and what you like. To make that happen, you need to know about the best movies to watch. Another dimension of this hobby is the importance of indulging in Black media to support the culture and the art form of Black films as they continue to rise to prominence. We have compiled a list of great Black films to watch from the 21st century, along with how to meet someone who likes movies for a first date, no matter your preferences, sexual orientation, or beliefs. 

Best black action movies like a popular topic on all platforms: from gay dating sites to blogs for moms

People that love Black action movies tend to find themselves in great company when looking for people to talk with them about films. You’ll find someone that loves these action films everywhere you go, from mommy blogs to dating services. These movies tend to be interesting, fast-paced, and have attractive stars in them. You’re never going to be limited in finding people to express their views on this popular topic. 

Dating site as a safe place to find your action movies lover

People who seek the opportunity to date someone who loves action movies as much as they do should head to a dating service. For example, if you are a gay man and Black or want to meet a Black partner who shares your passion, the specialized dating site could help you find a perfect man who loves action films. And you will be sure that your “hero” from Black gay chat would be willing to have a date centered around that topic. These niche dating chat services make it simple to meet new people, get to know them, and see how well you fit together as a couple. Once you find someone special, then you can decide when and where to watch a movie. Some dating sites have video chat elements to them, allowing you to set up a video-based date online. Of course, you can always meet up with someone at their place and watch a movie there!

Top 5 best Black action movies of the 21 centuries

Once you have found your romantic partner, it’s a good idea to decide what film to watch. We’ve gathered a list of very different Black action movies. Any of these five black action movies would be perfect for a first-date situation, no matter for gay or heterosexual couples. 

  1. 21 Bridges

It might sound like a rather standard film but having a dedicated Black police detective hell-bent on chasing down cop killers is something special these days. The late Chadwick Boseman stars in this film, and he was incredible, energetic, and brought a pathos to the film that few others could.

  1. Proud Mary

What happens when a hitwoman develops sympathy? A mid-life crisis like no other. That sums up Proud Mary. It won’t win any awards for greatness, but it’s a wonderful popcorn flick.

  1. Black Panther

Again, Chadwick Boseman shines as King T’Challa in this stylish action film as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this film, T’Challa has to earn and defend his kingdom, reckon with the past of Wakanda, and pledge himself to create a better future. If you love Marvel, then put this in for you and your date.

  1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse

Spider-man is Black and Latino in this film, with Miles Morales taking a stand against enemies from his universe and others in the multiverse. The film brings in familiar elements in new ways, like Doc Ock, Kingpin, and more. The film is beautifully animated and eschews the origin story we’re all so tired of seeing. Perfect for nerdy dates!

  1. Training Day

What happens when a cop goes off the deep end trying to stop crime? Denzel Washington stars with Ethan Hawke, his protégée, as they undergo a “training day” to see if the latter has what it takes. This introspective action film will leave you on the edge of your seat. This is a great movie to make you and your date think a bit about the state of things. 

Consider these films and pick one for your first date to get the best results!

Finding the right action movie for a date doesn’t have to be hard, and neither does finding a movie lover. Use the ideas outlined in this article to meet new people, find films you both enjoy, and settle in for a movie date like no other!