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What is the Ultimate Action Movie Club

The Ultimate Action Movie Club (UAMC) is a worldwide online community intended for any and everyone who loves ultimate action movies. With an emphasis on classic VHS, any and all action movie from the 80s or 90s, good or bad, are consider UAMC-worthy in our book.

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What is Our Mission

The Ultimate Action Movie Club’s mission is to keep the genre alive through the shared appreciation of the ultimate action movie classics. From Arnold to Van Damme, we honor the both the biggest stars and the smallest budget B-movies for all their ultimate action glory.

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How Can I Join

The UAMC website is simply a space for people to discuss, comment and relive some of the best moments and memories from some of the ultimate action movie classics. For now, you can purchase your official UAMC T-shirt, or you can check out our posts on the blog.