UAMC Reviews: ‘Beyond the Line’ and the Greatest Generation


There’s nothing more American, or more Ultimate, than a good ol’ fashioned WWII action movie!

Beyond The Line tells a tale of sacrifice and brotherhood among soldiers at the close of The War To End All Wars. And what better movie to review over the Fourth of July weekend to remind us why the United States of America is the greatest country in history.

So here is our official Ultimate Action Movie review of Beyond the Line and how it’s an ultimate tale of the greatest generation.

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Beyond the Line (2019) Review

After the German surrender after D-Day, a plane full of English RAF soldiers are flying home over German occupied territory when their plane is shot down. The survivors who bailed out by parachute are slaughtered as they are entangled in the treetops. Only a single soldier survives. As he is about to be executed, a lone American soldier arrives to save his life. Turns out, he is also the sole survivor of his unit which was also massacred by those dastardly Nazis.

So a soldier who has never killed and a soldier who has known nothing but killing are forced to team up and navigate the occupied countryside with the last of the German war machine hunting them.

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The Most Ultimate Generation

If you’re looking for a movie with a predator in it or big budget special effects, this isn’t it. But what director wouldn’t want to make a movie in his backyard while playing soldier. The director Jason Mills sure didn’t and pulled more duties then I’ve ever seen credited on a film. He tells a great tale about The Greatest Generation and what they all left behind to go and fight the Germans for the benefit of all and how combat often strips a soldier of their very humanity.

It ends with one of the soldiers at the end of his life making the pilgrimage overseas to visit the grave of his fallen comrade. He is there to give him thanks for giving him the strength to make it back. And he was brought his wife along, as well as his grown children and their children so he can show him what his sacrifice made possible across generations.

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An Ultimate Action WWII Movie

This is a movie to share with an older parent or grandparent especially as we celebrate the birth of our nation and all it has made possible for other nations. But we must never forget these sacrifices were made by men and woman as well as the families they left behind.

To all my UAMC peeps, Happy Fourth of July. Sorry we don’t have an action blockbuster to celebrate with, but I know we will all improvise, adapt and overcome. Because this is one of the holidays where we remember the sacrifices of those who came before us.

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