Have you been single for a while and are considering dating again? Social places are no longer an option, especially if you’ve rare tastes like dating a soldier or marine. Dating sites are now the go-to place for interacting. You can find and connect with your suitors via a simple click of a button.

Once you sign up on a niche site, the smart matchmaking algorithms will help you find your perfect partner. After several calls, chats, and lives sessions, you’d want to meet up in person, right?

Now, have you ever stopped to consider the movie you would watch on your first movie date?

Top 5 Action Movies to Watch on a First Date

Talking about romantic war films would make an excellent ice breaker and a free-flowing topic on your first date. There are several places where any single marine can land a quick date, whether online or offline. Once you’ve got your date set, there’s no need to fret about the day’s activities. Here’s a list of fantastic first-date film suggestions.

  • Spectacular Now

This film, based on Tim Tharp’s novel, is ideal for a first date. It features Miles Teller as Sutter and Shailene Woodley as Amy. The two develop strong chemistry after meeting on a strange lawn following a drinking spree. It is a good story about how two people in love with different interests can finally find a common goal besides the arguments. 

  • Casablanca

This film highlights a love triangle between Ilsa, Ingrid Bergman as her husband, and Humphrey Bogart as Rick, a nightclub owner. This epic love story from 1942 is still the best romantic film ever, making a great film to watch on a first date. Besides, it portrays the life of soldiers at the time of war and how they cope with their love lives.

  • True Lies

Harry Tasker is a secret agent as well as a family man. Harry, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who lives a double life, gets into action after his wife gets too far into his profession. This is an ideal film to watch with your lover since it depicts the life of a soldier. Your enthusiastic date would enjoy watching this action-packed romantic movie.

  • Point of No Return

This French film follows the life of a young woman struggling to find her lost lover during world war I. This thrilling film is full of drama and romance, and unending action. Any soldier would love it because it puts them in the middle of the action of the greatest war ever.

  • Atonement

This film explains the love story between Robbie and Cecilia uniquely. It begins with their developing strong attraction towards each other while in school. It depicts world war two and how Robbie meets Cecilia after the war. This is an incredible movie that portrays true military adventures and how they impact individuals’ lives and traits.

Why are Soldiers and Marines So Attracted to Women?

Women give soldiers and marines lots of attention. While they can get regular men, women love soldiers for their physique and masculinity. Besides, military guys love women because they rarely interact with them unless during off-duty. While most soldiers prefer casual hookups, some end up in serious relationships. 

Where to Find Your Marine and How to Impress Him Online?

There are niche military dating sites where you can quickly find a marine. Military men and women are often busy with traveling or training. Online dating sites provide a safe space for military guys to find love and hookups. If you are looking to date a soldier, military dating sites are perfect spots to hang out.


The first date is supposed to be remarkable and worthwhile. You have to put your best effort to impress your date while also showing that you care about what they like. Picking a romantic action film they’d enjoy is an excellent way to ensure that the both of you have a great time.