Since its inception, there have been 26 James Bond films with six actors taking on one of the most iconic roles in cinema. Several key elements define a great James Bond film. The gun barrel sequence is one of the most iconic elements and has been seen in most films since Dr. No in 1962.

Another hallmark of the Bond franchise is the action scenes, which just like Bond himself, are larger than life. Let’s look at some of the standout moments from the 80s and 90s Bond films.


This was the first Bond film starring the legendary Pierce Brosnan and put the film’s director, Martin Campbell, on the map. The film sees 007 battle against a rogue Government agent in a bid to save London from disaster. The scene below is the final fight from the film which involves Bond and the evil Trevelyan. Goldeneye later became a video game that was also hugely popular on the Nintendo 64 and was one of the defining First Person Shooter (FPS) games of its time.

A View to a Kill

This film was the last to star Roger Moore. In this adventure, James Bond fights against Max Zorin who had plans to destroy Silicon Valley. This film contains some great action scenes featuring Moore at his absolute best. This was a pre-credit scene featuring Bond being chased down the slopes by a group of Russians that was incredible at the time.

Just as A View to a Kill was Moore’s last film, the upcoming No Time to Die film will be Daniel Craig’s last appearance. Unsurprisingly, this means there is now an opportunity for a new actor to put on the famous tuxedo. Naturally, the betting markets are already speculating who will take on the role next. Rege-Jean Page is the current favorite, but only time will tell who lands the role. 

The Living Daylights

The first of two films to star Timothy Dalton, The Living Daylights was the last film to be set amongst the real-life drama of the Cold War. 007 was assigned to help a KGB General in Czechoslovakia. The opening sequence set the tone for the rest of the film. Some critics praised this film for this serious tone compared to other Bond films, but others criticized the lack of humor

The Bond franchise recently enjoyed its 50th anniversary, and it’s hard not to imagine the film reaching the 100th anniversary in the next 50 years. During that time, there will be surely lots of memorable action scenes.