Long before the MCU added quips to every second sentence, the action movies of the 80s and 90s were doing it bigger, better, and, often, more eye-rollingly. As action fans, we love the world of quips, where even the worst can make a terrible movie somehow great. Whether or not they’re strained, whether they make any sense at all, using these in real life can be a great way to get a laugh from friends or confusion from anyone else. So, what are our favorites, and how could you use them?

I’ll be Back

This legendary line from The Terminator solidifies the eponymous murder machine as an unstoppable force, one of film’s best action classics. While we aren’t going to lean into the more chaotic results of this quote, we do find it a great line that can be used whenever a little time away is needed. Take playing 3 card brag with friends as an example. After learning the strategy of this game, and the different values of hands like the run and prial, 3 card brag can be great for long play sessions, which can necessitate a break. Stopping the game, checking out the table and your surroundings carefully, leaning forward, and dropping an ‘I’ll be back’ can be a great way to both express your intentions and mess with other players’ heads. Just don’t drive a trick through their homes, it’s against the rules.

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Though technically a crime drama, there’s no denying the fame of Scarface’s finale, or just how well-known this line has become. ‘Say hello to my little friend’ is great because of how flexible it is, and how much it can set you up for long-running in-jokes. Surprising friends in a Nerf gun war with a weapon like Caliburn from Captain Slug after being backed into a corner is a great example, and can give you the edge in your mock battle. Even better, it can also be used as a fake out when introducing your family member to a new pet like a kitten, especially if they’re expecting a Nerf bolt to the chest.

I Ain’t Got Time to Bleed

Coming directly from the chiseled jaw of Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura in 1987’s Predator, this line embraced a silly macho approach to life that can easily be adopted. Life is full of little bumps and scratches, and approaching the most minor of injuries with massively overstated bravado as you apply a band-aid never fails to confuse and amuse. Bonus points if you wince and let out an exaggerated wince as soon as treatment on your injured appendage or ‘fingey’ begins.

Before rushing out and making people sigh, remember that a good quip needs to be held until the exact right (or wrong) time. Going out and filling the space with endless quotes is overkill, and not the kind of overkill we’d see Arnie partake in. Pick your battles, load up your quote guns, and most of all, try not to be too inappropriate.