Action movies with romantic scenes that make the heartbeat on the first date
Falling in love on a dating site seems easy, but it is also an easy place to find your action movies lover. Here, we’ve summarized five action movies with romantic scenes. They are going to heat up the mood between you and your future boyfriend or girlfriend. After all, the movie theater is one of the best locations for a date, and when the time comes to finalize the deal, so to speak, the phrase “Netflix and chill” didn’t come from nothing!

These five movies we’ve listed are a perfect choice for anything, from drive-in to relaxing evenings at home, and don’t forget to apply filters and read bios when you access as these exact functions help you find a person to share your love for action movies with. When dating online, you can filter out the people you consider out of your league, those who don’t share your preferences, those who aren’t local (if you’re not a fan of a long-distance relationship), and those who remain are the perfect matches living nearby, thus making them excellent candidates for inviting to watch one of these flicks together:

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

This early 2000s flick that heats up with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in their first roles together. It was the demise of the first marriage for Pitt but the beginning of the second one. The story is, these two assassins love to fight, but being married, they are sometimes distracted from trying to kill each other to have some heated scenes throughout the movie. This one is great for a date when you are a married couple – you’ll recognize each other in the characters and in their banter, but when the time for a happy ending and some steamy scenes arrives, you and your spouse both will feel the excitement levels rise through the roof! Yes, sometimes characters seem like they will kill each other, but it’s all part of their love dance; maybe it even sounds familiar to some of our readers.

Top Gun

In his younger days, Tom Cruise offered a different perspective on romance than his European conquests in the Mission Impossible series flicks. Top Gun makes a fantastic date movie because of how inspiring it is, but also thanks to the heated love scene between Cruise and Kelly McGillis, with the eighties group Berlin’s music playing in the background. As his flight instructor, she is upset because he is sweaty after the volleyball game and late for dinner. After they eat outside on the patio, he takes a shower, and there are sultry and steamy moments.

The Bourne Identity

Jason Bourne, played by Matt Damon, is the unlikely hero in this film. He is experiencing a memory loss but slowly falling in love with a European beauty while they are on the run. An absolutely moving scene makes this tense movie incredible for a date night: when their lives being at risk makes it more urgent that he cut her hair to disguise her identity. They start kissing with increasing passion throughout the scene, especially after their clothes fall away to the floor, and you see how this ultra-tough super-spy gains a lot of humanity when he simply falls in love.

GI Jane

There are several moments in this action movie when the love interest of Demi Moore feels threatened by her increasingly masculine (if you will) physique. She is training to become a Navy Seal while fitting in with an all-guys crew and breaking gender norms. They have a heated argument in the bathtub when she goes home during a scandal. He gets up and leaves when he confesses he misses her and worries about her safety. A brilliant date movie thanks to gender roles being reversed – yes, you can be worried about your female partner and express your love and care to her in more ways than masculine tendencies provide you with.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Tom Cruise delivers again in the Mission Impossible installment. He has a heated sex scene with his love interest in a hotel. They are fully clothed at one point but making out with that desperation one feels when she’s worried that her spy boyfriend will get killed in his illicit life. This, just as any Mission Impossible movie, is an action-date-classic – Cruize is a perfect man who has his way with a perfect woman, and their tense romance thrives while the fate of the world is decided in the background.

Before you choose any action movie for its romantic possibilities, remember that you also want a great conversation and some snuggling during the first date. Try these other tips to succeed on the first date:

Pay attention to your date’s body language. There are signs that he or she is saying one thing while indicating another. Lean forward during the conversation. This increases rapport and intimacy. Let your date ask you questions and lead the conversation at times. Don’t feel like you must fill in every gap in the conversation with chatter. Have snacks on hand that he or she likes.

Never pressure your date to become physically involved. This happens organically when both people are ready.

In the end, you want your partner to relax and feel comfortable. You want them to be okay with the environment where you’re getting to know each other. The movie provides a distraction because neither one of you must talk that much. If they want to hold your hand during the film, it’s a good sign there will be a second date.