Hobbs & Shaw is Pure Ultimate Action Movie… Sci-Fi?

So Hobbs & Shaw (Excuse me… Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw) came out this weekend, and like any action movie lover, I’m hyped as hell. The F&F franchise has become the go to action franchise for dumb and super ridiculous action that we grew up loving in movies like Commando and Tango & Cash. But last night I noticed something…

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What Action Genre is Hobbs & Shaw?

It’s been stated that Chris Morgan, writer of Wanted and every F&F movie since Tokyo Drift, will NOT be the writer on F&F 9 due to his writing duties on Hobbs & Shaw (although he is credited as co-writer on the movie’s IMDb page). Which, I admit, had me a little concerned due to the fact that Morgan’s writing is definitely partially responsible for the series being the billion dollar franchise that it is right now. So I did some digging.

The writer who will be taking on writing duties is Daniel Casey. Who is Daniel Casey, you ask? Let’s backtrack a sec here.

The series has walked the borderline of sci-fi since the inclusion of God’s Eye in part 7 and the zombie car swarm in part 8. With Hobbs & Shaw going practically full sci-fi with the inclusion of Idris Elba’s bionically enhanced super villain and his transformer motorcycle, and Morgan’s numerous mentions of possible sending the franchise into space, it seems that Sci-Fi is where the future of the series is headed.

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Daniel Casey’s Writing Credentials

Now, this is where I believe Casey comes in. Casey has numerous writing credits on his IMDb page, including a curious one for Hitman 2 (2 to what? The Chuck Norris one? Timothy Olyphant one? Or the one with Kelvin timeline Spock?). But two credits stuck out to me. A writing credit for the web series dr0ne (about a military cyborg that goes rogue) and last year’s Kin (about a teen who comes into possession of a state of the art alien weapon). 

Notice something?

Is it purely coincidence that this specific guy was hired to write the next F&F, or was it deliberate? And if it was deliberate, can we expect a full on sci-fi F&F by the next entry? Jon Scott, a fellow member of the Facebook group Pixels & Reels stated what he would like to see, in regards to popular character Han:

“Cypher took Han’s body to the moon, resurrected him, wiped his memory, and gave him cybernetic implants…


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Fast & Furious and Beyond!

To many, that statement may seem like a joke. But now, after this development, may not be that far fetched. Also, don’t forget that the main star and franchise producer Vin Diesel is also a huge geek, with a great love for all things sci-fi and fantasy. I mean, we are talking about Richard B. Riddick here. The man that’s been playing D&D almost all his life. 

Also, director Justin Lin, most known for helming F&Fs 3, 4, 5 & 6, is making his triumphant return to the series after his last theatrical feature. What was that feature you may ask? “Star Trek Beyond“.

See what I mean? 

A star/producer who’s a huge sci-fi geek. A series that’s just gone practically sci-fi in its latest entry. A writer who’s dabbled in thorough sci-fi themes. And a director who just came off a huge sci-fi epic. Put all of that together, and we may be looking at a full on sci-fi action extravaganza. 

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A Pretty Ultimate Future!

So what do you think it’ll be?? I got my money on cybernetic car enhancements. Knight Rider style smart cars turbo boosting all over the place, probably driving up walls. And what about that Han idea? I could see it. A cybernetically enhanced Han being brainwashed (or reprogrammed) to take out his former family. Dom & the fast family vs the Six Million Dollar Han. Hahahaha. Yeah? No? To hell with you. I thought that was funny.

Or, like Morgan said, we could very well see them in space. Could you imagine? Dom out running a photon torpedo on the moon in his cybernetically enhanced dodge charger? Who knows at this point? Anything is possible. And for the creators behind this ongoing franchise, the sky’s not only the limit.

But beyond…

What are your thoughts on a the future for the Fast & the Furious franchise? Let us know in the comments!