First dates are the perfect time to show someone what you love and to see if they share your interests. If you decide to have a movie date with your partner, then there is no better era for action films than the 80s and 90s, a time when action films were at their zenith. Check out the best movies to watch with your date and why this sort of date is such a good idea.  

Action movies as a popular topic of dating charts

You should always try to find a way to date someone that shares your passions in life. People that love action movies tend to do well on dating services. Watching films is a popular activity to share with others, and action movies are a popular genre, at least according to the users of this site. Using a dating service to meet single people that share your love for action movies is a great step to take for your romantic life because the topic is so good at uniting people. It doesn’t even matter if you’re dating them over a long distance. People that love these films are incredibly passionate about them, and you can share that passion online.

Top 5 action movies from the 80s or 90s for your date night

When the date night arrives, what film do you want to pull up to watch? You have a lot of choices available for the top action movies in the 80s and 90s, but we have come up with fan favorites that serve for every date.  

Terminator 2

The sequel to The Terminator, Terminator 2 sees the original T-800 terminator come back to save John Conner from the T-1000, a much more dangerous foe. 

First Blood

In this movie, John Rambo comes home from being in the Vietnam War and receives a brutal welcome. He strikes back at the establishment that treated him badly. 


Frank Dux is invited to take part in the Kumite, a dangerous martial arts tournament. It’s a wild ride from start to finish. 


Commando is a standard revenge film with Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to bring his daughter home safely. He goes on a one-man mission to make it happen, and explosions ensue. 

Rocky 3

What happens when you hit the pinnacle of your career and fall off? Rocky becomes Apollo Creed and reaps the consequences. 

Watch movies with someone special

After you meet someone online that is interested in you, it’s a good idea to set up a date with them. As you might imagine, it’s a great idea to have a movie date with your partner. Watching any of the action films that we have listed here is a perfect way to get to know a person. You can spend some quality time at your place or their place watching the film, basking in the action. You can make comments about the story, ask questions, or just watch the entire film in silence if one of you has never seen it before. Best of all, you can make much better food than you could get if you were to go to a theater, and you get to see films made in a wild era in Hollywood’s history.  

Using action films as a way to have great dates with people can be a rewarding experience. When you really connect with someone that loves these films, you’ll be excited to share your passion. It’s not too hard to meet people that enjoy such movies, either. Film forums, dating sites, and the theater are all great places to willing moviegoers for dates.