Here are the best and greatest from the Muay Thai warrior Tony Jaa!

Can you guess what is our pick for the most ultimate Tony Jaa film?

Since 2004, Tony Jaa has amazed American audiences time and time again with his gift for performing insanely death defying moves this side of Jackie Chan in some of the most ultimate action movies ever created. Some people would find it difficult to narrow it down to a top 5 list. But here… we have done just that.

So here are the Top 5 Tony Jaa Ultimate Action Movies!

How Tony Jaa Saved the Ultimate Martial Arts Action Movie

5) Kill Zone 2 (2015)

Tony Jaa getting his kill on in Kill Zone 2.

Jaa plays a correction officer who must team up with undercover cop Wu Jing to stop corruption inside a brutal prison.

Although the showdown between martial arts masters Jaa and Jing is all too short, it’s still very much incredibly thrilling in this gritty, no holds barred action movie that will whet your appetite for awesome martial arts action.

4) Triple Threat (2019)

Jaa and Tiger Chen must team up with Iko Uwais to take that a deadly group of terrorists after a young heiress.

A gorgeous martial arts royal rumble. Features truly breathtaking action. And the highly anticipated showdown between action greats Jaa and Scott Adkins is worth the price of admission alone. Simply fantastic.

Triple Threat: An Ultimate Martial Arts Movie for the Ages

3) The Protector (2005)

Tony Jaa showcases his acrobatic action exploits in The Protector.

Jaa plays a young man who must find the perpetrators who kidnapped his pet elephants.

Non-stop action of the finest order makes this an absolute classic of the genre. And the climax which features him taking on about 50 bad guys is still an awe-inspiring scene till this day.

2) Ong Bak (2003)

Tony Jaa in his breakout role in Ong Bak.

Jaa plays a young warrior who must travel to Bangkok to recover the stolen head of the ancient statue of Ong Bak for his village.

The one that started it all. Jaa is the whole show here. The filmmakers put his dazzling skills on display here for the whole world to see and we are so much better for that. They could’ve easily called this “The Skills of Tony Jaa: The Movie” and it would have sufficed. Remarkable stuff in here.

1) Ong Bak 2 (2008)

In this prequel to Ong Bak, Jaa plays a warrior raised by ruthless pirates who seeks vengeance on the people who killed his parents.

My. God. If you want to see what perfect martial arts action looks like, look no further. This movie features, in my opinion, the best action choreography I’ve ever seen in a movie. Ever. The way Jaa has mastered a multitude of styles as to effortlessly switch between them while fighting an endless supply of bad guys is nothing short of beautiful. Just beautiful. I can’t praise it enough.

How would you rank the ultimate martial arts action movies of Tony Jaa?