Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Street Fighter: The Movie The Game May Be Coming Back.

The game version of Street Fighter: The Movie, which gives players the chance to take control of Jean-Claude Van Damme and kick some serious ass could be in line for a shock resurrection.

Originally released on Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn back in 1995 to coincide with the original film’s release, the game version of Street Fighter: The Movie was a bold new step for the Capcom franchise.

UAMC bonus note: JCVD’s Street Fighter movie helped spurn the launch of the Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie, which you can read our more about here!

JCVD’s the Street Fighter

Taking a leaf out of Mortal Kombat, the game features digitized images of the film’s original cast, alongside more realistic background settings.

It meant gamers could control computerized versions of Van Damme as Guile, the late Raul Julia as M. Bison and Kylie Minogue, as Cammy, the lame Chun-Li rip-off that turned up in the sequels.

Unfortunately, the franchise’s familiar head-to-head fighting gameplay was seriously lacking this time around with the game garnering largely negative reviews. Long load times, strange glitches, bad voice acting and a general lag in gameplay meant it came and went with little fanfare…that is, until now.

A New Street Fighter: The Movie The Game

According to Geekwire, the rights to the game version of Street Fighter: The Movie have been snapped up by a Canadian company called Liquid Media.

One of 65 different titles originally produced by Acclaim, the deal saw Liquid Media shell out $1m for the entire catalogue, which includes games like Bubble Bobble, Wetrix, and NBA Jam.

There’s no word on what Liquid has planned for the titles but shelling out that kind of coin suggests something big is definitely on the cards.

Retro-Gaming on the Rise

With the likes of Nintendo, Sony and Sega increasingly looking backward to cater to a growing market of retro gamers, one idea already being floated is that of an Acclaim mini to rival the SNES Mini and PlayStation Classic.

The title acquisition gives Liquid the opportunity for fast market penetration with proven titles,” the company said.

Could fans be about to get a new-and-improved version of the Street Fighter movie game, complete with a newly-remastered and vastly improved digitized Van Damme? Fingers crossed.

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