Join the club and rep the ultimate classics!

The Ultimate Action Movie Club was founded for one reason and one reason only – as an excuse for friends to get together, find an old VHS, order a pizza and watch a kick-ass 80s or 90s action movie together! The “club” was nothing fancy, just whichever friend had the availability to host and the biggest room to house a few friends.

As the years have gone on, we’ve launched the website and several social media channels and the UAMC brand has grown into an online community. There are those of us who work on the site and write articles, there are those of us who comment in the different social media channels, and there are those of us who just check the site out to remember and honor many of our favorite 80s and 90s action classics.

We’d love for the UAMC to be something more one day, but for now it’s built for our great writers and contributors and all those who check out the site daily, weekly, or whenever.

The Official UAMC T-Shirt

For those who are familiar with the Ultimate Action Movie Club, you’ve probably seen the official UAMC logo on the site and across the different channels. We think it’s pretty badass and a solid representation of the 80s and 90s action aesthetic. Yet, for whatever reasons only a couple dozen of the original UAMC t-shirts were ever printed or sold early on in the days of UAMC.

However, we are now proud to announce that the Ultimate Action Movie Club finally has its UAMC t-shirts up on our site! You can check them out below or in the link to our “UAMC T-Shirts” page here!

More Ultimate T-Shirts

And that’s not all! Through a partnership with the website TeePublic, UAMC now has access to a highly curated and fan-designed T-shirt service. It’s an affiliate website where a portion of the sales go back to help fund the UAMC, as well as are split with the artist who designed the T-Shirt.

We try to update our official UAMC TeePublic page weekly, as well as offer our own pages featuring some of our favorite action movie stars and movies like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme!

So… join the club! Rep the brand. And honor the ultimate 80s and 90s action movie classics today!