Hasta la vista, friendo…

This one is for all those ultimate action movie fans that watched the Coen Brothers classic neo-western crime thriller No Country for Old Men and said: “this is great, but you know what would make it even better… more Arnold Schwarzenegger!”

Well, if that exact scenario didn’t happen for you, it apparently did for the Youtuber Ctrl Shift Face who did his Deep Fake magic on one of the most iconic scenes from Old Country to replace the diabolically great Javier Bardem’s portrayal of merciless hitman Anton Chigurh with an age-appropriate deep faked Arnold.

Some may be familiar with a similar method being used to superimpose Sylvester Stallone into several famous scenes from Arnold’s Terminator 2 to create a shocking, and at times creepy, effect of watching a Sly T2.

Watch: Sylvester Stallone Deep Fake Added Into ‘Terminator 2’

Arnold in No Country for Old Men

So what’s cool about this latest Deep Fake version isn’t just the oddness of Arnold playing a straight character these days (he’s been on a pretty self-aware and cameo-based streak in his latter years). But we also get some great Arnold voice acting (credit to Joe Gaudet).

It honestly also just makes you remember what a fantastic movie No Country for Old Men is. It’d be hard to make the argument that anyone besides Javier Bardem could have played Anton Chigurh, but I do love the idea of Arnold going back to his bad guy roots in what would actually be a pretty similar performance (but obviously much more nuanced) to his original Terminator role.

An Ultimate Action Coen Brothers Movie

Let’s be honest, the Coen Brothers might be terrific filmmakers, but their work wouldn’t often be classified in the “ultimate action movie” genre. However, one could easily argue that their sensibilities would do well with the genre. The original merciless killer biker from Raising Arizona comes to mind as certainly being worthy of an entire UAMC movie.

Maybe, if this Deep Fake video goes viral enough, Arnold and the Coen Brothers will take notice and think of a cool idea to collaborate on. Maybe the Coen Bros could take over the Terminator franchise now that it’s a box office wash, or do an anthology of hitmen as school teachers series for Netflix. We can always ultimately hope!

For further odd, ultimate, creepiness, here are some more screen grabs from the video below.