Van Damme asked his fans for their favourite JCVD one-liners and the answers did not disappoint…

Jean-Claude Van Damme recently took to Twitter to poll his fans on their favourite one-liners from JCVD action movies gone by.

The Muscles from Brussels was evidently in the mood to reminisce, taking to social media to share an image from his 1993 classic Hard Target alongside the classic line : “Now take your big stick and your boyfriend and find a bus to catch!”

Keen to interact with his loyal ultimate action movie-loving followers, Van Damme posed the question: What’s your favorite one liner from any of my movies?

The answers did not disappoint.

A few fans came back with some classics from TimeCop:

Another Hard Target classic made the list:

Universal Soldier also got a mention:

Lionheart also made the cut:

And Double Impact also got referenced on more than a few occasions:

Let’s not forget Nowhere To Run either:

And no JCVD quote-off would be complete with Bloodsport:

Or Kickboxer for that matter:

There were nods to lesser known Van Damme classics like No Retreat No Surrender:

And Street Fighter even got a mention:

More than a few times, in fact:

Plenty of established favourites were included too, like Maximum Risk:

While fans also remembered that old habits die hard with Van Damme:

And that, when it comes to JCVD, actions often spoke louder than words:

Much, much louder, in fact:

Especially when it came to THAT dance:

Back on the big screen with his gritty new effort The Bouncer (watch the trailer here), it’s fair to say Van Damme still has many admirers in the action movie community – us included!

Never change, JCVD, never change.

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