Sylvester Stallone wants to resurrect the ultimate action movie  buddy cop pairing of ‘Tango & Cash’ alongside co-star Kurt Russell.

Released way back in December 24th, 1989, Tango & Cash was the last great truly action movie of the 1980s and a film that has arguably improved with time.

It starred Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell as the titular pair of mismatched LA cops, forced to set their differences aside in order to take down crime kingpin who has framed them for a crime they didn’t commit.

On-set difficulties involving directors coupled with a moderate box office return saw plans for the franchise shelved, but Tango & Cash has enjoyed reappraisal since, helped by like-able turns from the film’s leads along with great action and impressive on-screen chemistry.

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Rebooting Stallone’s Biggest Hits

With the likes of Rambo and Rocky revived after a couple of so-so sequels – Rocky V and Rambo III spring to mind – Stallone has revealed to Fandango that he is keen on bringing Tango & Cash back and has spoken to Russell about the idea.

The only possibly stumbling block? Russell isn’t all that keen…yet.

“I would do Tango & Cash in a second,” Stallone told Fandango.

“I know, with Kurt [Russell], it’s not about a caper… it’s just us doing our thing.”

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Tango & Cash to Ride Again?

According to Stallone, Tango & Cash conversations have taken place between the pair but Russell still needs convincing, telling Stallone “I don’t know, Sly…There we were in our prime and now we’re in our unprime, I dunno.”

Stallone is adamant it could work: “So I said, Kurt, “I’m telling you, ya gotta go in on this.” So he said, “I’ll talk to you when I get back.”

One to file under watch this space.