Could ‘Demolition Man 2’ Finally Be About To Happen?

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  1. Tim P says:

    My thoughts for a Demolition Man sequel should be left as fan fiction.

    I knew in a scene cut out of Demolition Man Sylvester Stallone fights Jesse Ventura. I was disappointed not to see them fight each other. Someone in school told me there was supposed to be a Demolition Man sequel with Jesse Ventura taking the place of Wesley Snipes. That was before he ran for governor. Demolition Man sequel should be just left as fan fiction.

    I have the question and answer below… I have a petition for Demolition Man deleted scenes released. This was from the Ask Jeeves towards the end of 2001.

    Question: Jesse Ventura in Demolition Man
    What happens to Adam (Jesse Ventura) near the conclusion of Demolition Man? All of 4 of those 6 cryo-cons left over after an underground battle scene were sent downstairs to kill Stallone’s character by Wesley Snipes’s character and Sly Stallone’s character makes these 4 thugs think that he’s in the elevator to lie in ambush and sneaks away to get these guys to waste bullets. Jesse Ventura’s character had simply vanished. What happened to him?
    Answer: RE: Jesse Ventura in Demolition Man.

    First off… I thought I was the only one that actually watched “D=Man.” Well, to answer your question, yes he did vanish. Word I got is that, before all the editing was done on the movie, they were gonna film a fight scene with the two. However, production’s budget didn’t have enough money for the “GOV” If (and it’s a big IF!) they ever come out with a DVD for it, it might have some outtakes or deleted scenes. NO PROMISES THOUGH! Hope I’ve helped! Merry Christmas!

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