500 pages on the legacy of Cannon Films! (Wait, and that’s just Book One?)

The storied history and filmography of the Cannon Group are legendary at this point. From classic B-movie series such as Missing In Action and American Ninja to mainstream features such as Masters of the Universe and Bloodsport, the international independent powerhouse produced some of the most endearing action films that we still enjoy today.

A prolific author and movie critic, Austin Trunick shares his passion for the works of Golan and Globus in his new book, The Cannon Film Guide, Volume 1.

The Cannon Film Guide

The first volume intricately explores 40 films in Cannon’s catalog in just over 500 pages. Trunick has two more volumes left–and about 150 more films to go! Needless to say, the man has done his research.

From interviews with actors and actresses, such as Kane Kosugi (Sho Kosugi’s son), to filmmakers and writers, such as Director Sam Firstenberg and Screenwriter James Bruner, the volume is more than just a fanboy’s collected works of articles and reviews.

It explores the business and craft of filmmaking during a wild time in Hollywood when financing was loose and directors were given almost full creative control. It was a seemingly glorious time for both creative professionals and audiences alike.

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The Golden Age of Cannon Films

The book details Cannon’s early films through to its golden age. It begins with obscure, post-exploitation trash like The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood and Teen Mothers and ends strong with Ninja III and the MIA trilogy.

Yes, Death Wish II – IV are in there too. Get acquainted with some forgotten gems along the way like the Lou Ferrigno-helmed Hercules series. There are enough fascinating tidbits, rare one-sheets, and production photos included throughout to get you in the mood for your next VHS-fueled nostalgia trip.

Sam Firstenberg and His Ultimate ‘Stories from the Trenches’

Forward by Sam Firstenberg

Firstenberg’ forward and Trunick’s preface are heartfelt and honest, which set the stage for a thorough and surprisingly balanced exploration of the subject matter. The intention is to give Cannon Films the recognition and legacy they deserve.

You can pick up a hardcover copy of Volume 1 on Amazon now for a modest sum. Paperback is also available but clearly, the hardcover belongs on your shelf or coffee table to firmly establish your expertise on some of the finest examples of pure entertainment in B-movie history.