Tom Cruise looks to keep his ’80s action legacy alive with Top Gun: Maverick.

At this point, why not just pencil in sequels for all of your ultimate ’80s classics. Tom Cruise, never one to let a buck fall short in front of him, has finally pushed his Top Gun sequel to fruition. And, just like Cruise’s Pete “Maverick” Mitchell likes to do after a mission, this first trailer is certainly causing a major tower buzz.

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Top Gun 2: Maverick Trailer

Honestly, while this may be great news for Top Gun fly-boys (and there are many who still hold Top Gun up as THE ULTIMATE ’80s MOVIE), it’s amazing how much this movie looks note-for-note like the original. It might as well be a CGI shot-by-shot remake similar to The Lion King or the other Disney re-imaginations.

Tom Cruise rides his motorcycle next to a jet taking off. They croon for the ladies at the piano bar. I mean is Goose going to come back just so he can die again. WARNING: Spoilers in that last sentence!

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Keeping the ’80s Dream Alive

But heck, we still got to give it to the man. Tom Cruise has somehow found a way to keep his 5-foot 1-inch frame in the ultimate action movie genre despite mostly being known for his ability to run really intensely. And Top Gun isn’t necessarily pure action in any form, but it is a military film and features some pretty high octane dogfights.

It’s more commendable from a UAMC perspective really just for its Kenny Loggins soundtrack and ’80s machismo personified with Maverick and Iceman.

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Will it be Good (or Ultimate)?

The consensus so far from the trailer release seems to be that everyone is HYPED about re-living the ’80s nostalgia and seeing some awesome fighter jet action. And that’s probably all we’re going to get, but no one seems to care.

On paper it seems like a terrible idea to revive the franchise so many years later, but Hollywood is definitely doubling down on bringing back the greatest hits, so who are we to complain if it at least forces us to re-watch some of our favorites before hand to get pumped – or after to wash the bad taste out.

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