But how does Shane Black’s new ‘The Predator’ stack up against Arnold’s original action classic?

It has been a long 8 years since the awesome Predators (2010), and an even longer 21 years since Arnold Schwarzenegger’s original classic Predator (1987), but the hunt has once again resumed.

For the sixth time on the big screen fans of the franchise finally get to watch these classic action movie monsters do what they do best. The Predator (directed by Shane Black) follows a group of mercenaries who try to protect a small town from an invading group of Predators. Sounds pretty interesting, right? Let’s find out how it stacks up though…

The Old Predator Hunting Party

The Predator franchise has gone through many creative pairs of hands in its lifetime. One of the most tantalising elements of this instalment is that it has a number of key players from the heyday of action cinema. Shane Black, who is somewhat of a icon in the offices of the Ultimate Action Movie Club, is in the directors chair.

Black was in the cast of the first film as Rick Hawkins and was  an uncredited script doctor in the original film. Audiences are treated to a script written by Black and Fred Dekker who co wrote Robocop 3 (1993) with comics legend Frank Miller and was also involved with many other high profile action movies of the 1990s.

The movie is produced by John Davis who has been somewhat of the caretaker of the entire Predator franchise. He has been involved in the making of every movie containing the famous monsters.

This triumph of talent has completely kept the integrity of the other entries in the Predator franchise. It’s fantastic to see to see these titans of old school action bringing back old school sci fi action movies.

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The Hunt Has Evolved

Looking back at the Predator franchise one of  the things that really stands out is that the cast have always been not quite what you might expect from an A-list action movie. The selection of character actors has always worked to great effect and this movie is no exception.

Many changes to the cast occurred since pre production of the movie began including the possible return of Arnold Schwarzenegger and, at one time, Benicio del Toro being attached to the project. Even though this didn’t happen the on screen cast is a diverse and excellent selection of actors.

While ostentatiously starring Boyd Holbrook, standout names include a diverse ensemble of talents. You have the comedic genius of Keegan-Michael Key, emerging action star and model Olivia Munn, the always reliable talent of action stalwart Thomas Jane, Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen and the brilliant ass kicking Yvonne Strahovski who is probably best known as CIA agent Sarah Walker in the NBC spy drama series Chuck (2007–2012) and for her starring role in the critically acclaimed sci fi series The Handmaid’s Tale.

This combination of carefully picked talent really enhances the movie, with the action pedigree of the cast, they’re all completely at home with the script.

Stacking Up With The Original Predator

Clearly and utterly justifiably the original Predator (1987) is an Ultimate Action Movie classic and the big question is how does this movie compare to the original. The original movie was a sublime masterclass in storytelling, a perfect storm of script, cast, action and an original concept that is maybe one of the best sci fi concepts ever conceived.

What comes across with the new movie is the amount of carefully picked creative choices in front of and behind the camera that give the movie a really old school approach which will interest fans of the original and its sequels and spinoffs.

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