Suspense reigns supreme in this clever slow burn thriller that… still packs some punch!

Grief is strange. It’s invisible to the naked eye, but can be the most painful thing you ever experience in your entire life. Especially when it’s centered around the loss of a loved one, namely a child. Which is the worst kind of grief. The kind that feels like your life is over. That there’s no reason to go on. But it can also lead to a feeling of strength. Because when your back is against the wall, a feeling of nothing to live for can turn into having everything to fight for.

And that’s the scenario a grieving married couple finds themselves in this new suspense packed thriller from TriCoast Worldwide, By Night’s End.

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UAMC Reviews ‘By Night’s End’

A grieving couple wake up in the night to a man searching for something in their home. After they are forced to kill him in self defense, they decide to take one hour before calling the police to search for what they hope is a hidden fortune. Unfortunately, he was not the only one who came searching, and now the couple find themselves in the fight of their lives…

This is an exceptionally well made production, just to start it off. It’s not everyday that you come across an independent feature of this type this well put together, but here we are. Everything about this film is terrific and thoroughly riveting. Now, allow me to break it down.

The acting is great all around. Michelle Rose and Kurt Yue are pitch perfect as Heather & Mark, the couple stuck in the middle of this terrifying predicament. Their chemistry is spot on and they convey all the emotions that come from a situation like this with absolute honesty. And Michael Aaron Milligan is incredibly effective as the main antagonist, Moody. 100% creep factor dialed up to 11.

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A Well Crafted Story Throughout

Now let’s get into the pure quality of the filmmaking. Director Walker Whited gets just the right amount of tension out of the scenario. You feel like anything can happen at any time, which leaves the characters, and us, on the edge the whole time. The cinematography is also a major plus. Director of Photography Philip Wages provides us with some absolutely fantastic camerawork. Absolutely beautiful stuff. 

Now, the story. The story is significantly captivating. Written by Whited and Sean McCane, the script provides us with such a believable reaction by ordinary people to a rather extraordinary event. You completely identify with these people and their decisions. Tell me I’m lying.

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But, How Ultimate is it?

And now, we get to the just of things: the action. Listen, this is not an action packed thrill ride. This is more of a dramatic, suspenseful, slow burn thriller, with all the action saved for the end. But the duration of the picture is so filled with trembling dread that when we do get to the set pieces in the last 20 minutes, it is downright nail biting. We get a couple of thorough fights and an inventively staged shootout. I know that may not sound like much, but it’s more than enough. Trust me.

And that’ll do it for my take on By Night’s End. A highly entertaining and authentic thriller. So if any of that sounds like your cup of tea, check it out. I definitely recommend it.