I mean, we’ve all asked ourselves this, right?

When you watch the 1993 sci-fi action classic Demolition Man, you’re often left with a few questions. Like, how does Sylvester Stallone stay so fit after 40 years of being cryogenically frozen for 40 years? How did Taco Bell really win the food franchise wars? And what dirt did Rob Schneider have on Stallone to keep landing roles in his movies?

Also, how the hell do those 3 seashells work!? (Read our full list of answers here…)

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But perhaps the most poignant Demolition Man question has to do with the roles between Sandra Bullock’s character Lieutenant Lenina Huxley and Stallone’s Sergeant John Spartan.

A Little ‘Demolition Man’ History

So, to answer this question, we need to look first at the history of Demolition Man. Originally conceived to be a vehicle to pit two ultimate action stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal against each other, the project bounced for years with many different names attached.

At one point Jackie Chan was set to play the villain, however that role eventually went to Wesley Snipe who kills it as Simon Phoenix (one of our UAMC best bad guys of all time, btw). By the time Stallone was brought in the cast was finally set, but the story did still need some tinkering.

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What Does the Original Script Say?

Without getting too much into the origins of the script for Demolition Man. Which itself is a topic of much debate as a sci-fi writer by the name of István Nemere has made claim to having the concept plagiarized from his work. The script does have some answers.

Pointedly to a few scenes which were even filmed, but eventually cut from the final version of the film. And it does clear things up.

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Was Sandra Bullock Stallone’s Daughter?

The answer is no. Although it is set up that Stallone’s John Spartan did lose his wife (and possibly) his daughter in the infamous LA Civil War (of presumably the late 90s as the film came out in 1993), there were scenes that resolved this plot point.

The final version of the film cut what would have been several scenes of Stallone’s Spartan tracking down and reuniting with his daughter.

However, this does beg the question and creates an interesting narrative of its own. The filmmakers still chose to set up the fact that Stallone’s Spartan did have a daughter. That backstory does leave the audience with that knowledge and a desire to see it resolved.

The relationship story with Bullock’s Huxley in many ways seems to imply this. And whether or not they chose to include those other films, they had to be aware of these ramifications.

So, the question almost becomes, do we take the answer from what we see on screen (which at the very least leaves it open ended)? Or do we take the answer from the story behind the story?

What do you think the true answer to the question is? Let us know in the comments!


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