Following up the First Wave, here are more action movies to premiere at Fantastic Fest 2019.

So, the big highlights from this second wave rollout is definitely going to be Rian Johnson’s premiere of Knives Out, which stars Daniel Craig and an ensemble cast of some pretty big names. While Knives Out is part mystery, thriller and comedy – it can definitely be considered action! 

But, that’s not the full rub of it. The rest of the list does include some more action movie premieres for Fantastic Fest. We have some new international names to check out, a really cool sounding documentary exploring the Kung Fu action-sub genre, and a very awesome sounding VFW by Joe Begos.

If you are checking out the festival in Austin, Texas, these action films will certainly be of our ultimate interest.


Algeria, France, Qatar, 2019

North American Premiere, 139 min

Director – Amin Sidi-Boumédiène

In the midst of the Algerian Civil War, Lotfi ventures into the desert with his lifelong friend S., who hopes to find and kill the elusive, dangerous terrorist Abou Leila.


France, USA, 2019

North American Premiere, 50 min

Director – Seth Ickerman

The wild sequel to the Carpenter Brut music video, “Turbo Killer,” shoots you into a turbulent psychedelic adventure of galactic hunters tracking down the soul of a spaceship set to a killer synthwave soundtrack.


Australia, 2019

North American Premiere, 107 min

Director – Serge Ou

From the Shaw Brothers to THE MATRIX, this wild documentary tells the story of how kung fu films conquered the world from the 1960s to now.


USA, 2019

Special Presentation, 130 min

Director – Rian Johnson 

In attendance – Director Rian Johnson

From acclaimed writer, director Rian Johnson comes KNIVES OUT, a fresh and modern take on the classic “whodunnit” mystery genre.


France, 2019

International Premiere, 80 min

Directors – Gilles Penso & Alexandre Poncet

After their documentary CREATURE DESIGNERS – THE FRANKENSTEIN COMPLEX, French journalist Alexandre Poncet and filmmaker Gilles Penso deliver an in-depth, sad, and beautiful documentary about the stop motion and VFX artist Phil Tippett, a man who changed the landscape of visual effects in film.


Spain, 2019

US Premiere, 90 min

Director – Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia

In attendance – Director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia

Somewhere in the future exists THE PLATFORM, a vertically tiered prison where the upper levels have access to exquisite food and the lower levels fight for survival. Level assignments are random, but how long can a prisoner’s luck hold? One man is about to find out.


USA, 2019

World Premiere, 92 min

Director – Joe Begos

In attendance – Director Joe Begos

In the near future, a new drug called Hype has turned America into a war zone. The addicted are more mutant than human, and they’ve set their sights on assaulting a VFW post in Joe Begos’ star-studded latest.

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