Sylvester Stallone shares ultimate workout clip detailing insane Rambo training regimen.

Sylvester Stallone has shared a clip chronicling the ultimate workout that helped him become an ultimate action movie hero on films like Rambo and Demolition Man.

Believe it or not but there was a time when Sly cut a far slender, less toned figure.

That all changed around the time he began to find fame and fortune with the Rocky movies and a whole host of action film outings.

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That ‘First Blood’ Look

Chief among these was First Blood, Stallone’s first outing as John Rambo and a movie that saw the Hollywood icon transform himself into a killing machine.

It took plenty of work though, as Stallone was only too happy to highlight on Instagram this week by sharing a video, titled “The Rambo Workout” on Instagram.

The clip is everything you would hope it to be and more besides.

It starts with a martial drumbeat cut to a moody close-up of Stallone’s toned and ridiculously glistening shoulder.

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Stallone at his Peak Fitness

Next, the action cuts to First Blood co-star Brian Dennehy who offers up a neat summation of Stallone’s efforts.

“That guy re-molded his entire body. I’ve never seen anybody do that,” he said.

“You can’t imagine what he put himself through. We’d get up at five o’clock in the morning, he’d go in and work out, on heavy weights, free weights, and all kinds of exercises.

“Then we’d finish a day’s work, a very hard day’s work, and he’d go back in the gym again and work out again.”

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For the Love of Ultimate Action!

Fans are treated to scenes of Stallone, as Rambo, flexing and fighting, while Stallone’s co-stars laud his dedication to training.

Stallone then appears, kitted out in the iconic Rambo headband: “It was about eight months of training, four hours a day, to toughen myself up.”

Stallone goes on to detail the SWAT combat training, archery courses, and survivalist courses he took, while working closely with technical advisors to keep the Rambo story honest.

40 years on from that first Rambo outing, Stallone is returning to the role next month with Rambo: Last Blood.

Something tells us he’s been back in the gym a lot over the last few months.

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