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Lyle Alzado is a Lost Action Star in Destroyer (1988)

The world simply wasn’t ready for Lyle Alzado and the slasher classic Destroyer (1988). In 1988, a low-budget horror, action, slasher movie starring Lyle Alzado called Destroyer made its debut and the world largely...


The 5 Most Ultimate Moments from Blind Fury

Rutger Hauer unleashes his Blind Fury (1989) Blind Fury is, hands down, one of the oddest action movies ever to come out of the 1980s. Rutger Hauer, who is still perhaps best known as...


Timecop: When Van Damme Did Action Sci-Fi Right

Celebrating Van Damme’s Sci-Fi Classic Timecop (1994) If Jean-Claude Van Damme were to ever get his hands on a time machine, he might well be tempted to travel back to September 16, 1994. That...