Sylvester Stallone is finally here to ride his horse down old town road in Rambo 5.

When John Rambo was first introduced to the world in First Blood over 37 years ago, we knew that this day would ultimately come. Rambo, the poster child for the troubled and misunderstood generation of Vietnam war veterans who are outcast from society and must fight to survive and find their relevance, is finally here to face his final reckoning.

The First Blood / Rambo franchise has also been one of the most ultimate in the action movie lexicon. We’ve been covering news of Rambo V: Last Blood for quite some time, so to finally see some first images and footage before the September 20th, 2019 release date, we’re pretty darn excited.

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“Everyone Has One Last Fight In Them”

As you can see in the promotional poster above (and in the trailer below), Stallone’s Rambo makes extensive use of his iconic bow (with explosive arrows, of course). As well as plenty of fights with his signature “heartstopper” knife. The plot is also coming into focus too. Although the official synopsis leaves much to still be decided:

Rambo travels to Mexico to save a friend’s daughter who has been kidnapped by the Mexican cartel.

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Rambo V: Last Blood Trailer

While the trailer does feel a little like a music video teaser for the “Old Town Road” track by Lil Nas X, it does certainly pack a punch and showcase some of the ultimate action contained therein. Plus plenty of shots of our new favorite Rambo cosplay character – Cowboy Rambo – living out his retirement years on his ranch. Can’t they just let this man have his peace for once!

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We’ll keep you posted as more details emerge and hopefully a longer (and less “Old Town Road”) version eventually drops. As mentioned above, Rambo V: Last Blood is set to hit theaters September 20th, 2019 worldwide.

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